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nothing off the top of my head but I’ll let you know. I haven’t played my game in a little over a week~ is sometime tomorrow okay? :D

yes, that’s perfectly fine! (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

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I have some of those! I’ll have to check and see exactly which ones (I know for sure I have the stool) and I’ll let you know! :>

ahh, thank you so much for checking! is there anything you’re looking for or in need of?

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☆彡 PSA: Looking for Modern Wood Chest, Lamp, Table, Chair, & Stool! Will pay well or trade bushes and other items!

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I keep running into Kid Cat in my side town and it’s breaking my heart. 

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Punchy is always walking around back here… even though he lives on the other side of town. ・ヘ・?

You see, my campsite is hidden behind tbe cafe and its not demolish-able if that a word and i dunno i can only see my campsite when i walk directly across it, ive managed to put flowers around it and trees and im currently tryin to get mushrooms but its taking forever, what am i missing? btw its at the top of my map by a villagers house can you give me more tips!! THANK U SWEET!! xxxx (ive cut loads of trees and havnt goT ANY mushrooms :(((( )

Oooh, I see. I think it would be cute behind the cafe, to be honest, maybe like a secret area, just for the campers! Perhaps, you can make a path leading to it from behind the cafe (dirt or with tiles, whatever you feel comfortable with).

You mention a villager living near by and I’d think you could incorporate them into the camp area with bushes surrounding their house. Line the entire thing with flowers that match the villagers home and it’ll make it look like they’re a part of the campsite…. y’know like maybe they are the managers of the area!

I would also suggest more bushes on the opposite side, just to even it out, and again, if you have room for a PWP, it would complete the area’s blank spot. The Flowerbed PWP, for example would fit in with the flowers and camping theme! I don’t know how close to the top your campsite is, but if you have room behind it you can plant trees of your choice that would match the area. Maybe your town’s perfect fruit or some cedars would look really cute.

Well, I dunno if I explained this all properly, especially since I have no idea what the area actually looks like, so here’s a very quick little doodle to give you an idea of what I meant (and it’s only ideas for a starting point, so don’t feel like you have to follow my diagram or anything like that):


Hope that helps you out a little! ●⌒∇⌒●

My campsite is in a really horrid place and i dont want to restart my town bc i put alot of time and effort into it can u help out :(

Oh, I’m so flattered that you’d ask for my help! (*ノ▽ノ);;

I’d need to see your town’s map / the location of the campsite to give you better advice, but I’ll try my best to do it blindly if you’re shy and don’t want to come off anon (and that’s fine!).

depending where the campsite is, if you can put a PWP near it, that might help liven up the area. a streetlight, a clock, small fountain, or a bench might be cute! lots of flowers, bushes, trees, and stumps will hide it a bit, if you’d rather not bring attention to it and push it out of the way, so to speak.

if it’s too close to your house or a villager’s house (that you’re keeping permanently) you could create a little community of some kind, maybe get another villager or create another person to live in the area, make it homey with trees and bushes or a special path that connects them all.

if it’s in a corner / near a cliff, you could incorporate the beach into it! make it look nice from the bottom of the cliff when you press up to view it. I’d think you could plant lychees, durians and mangoes around it to spruce up the beach feel. maybe drop some baskets of fruit around it, like they’re being harvested for the camp.

if it’s up at the top of town, make it seem busy and important. tree stumps and bushes to sit next to it, a water well to get water from, lots of mushrooms and a dirt path.

I can come up with more ideas, if those don’t work out. (*´∀`*) 

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Is it okay to have a 'natural town'? And by that I mean; no paths (because I'm not creative), random trees and flowers everywhere, some PWP's (but not the cool ones), no popular villagers (just the villagers this game gives me). I know I should just enjoy my game but I can't help feeling insecure about this..


yes, of course

i prefer them waaay more over towns that are too covered in patterns, but make your town any way you want to bb

natural towns are beautiful. in fact, they are like little gems in this pattern-loving time. make your town feel like a happy and safe place for yourself!

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I realized a little while ago, while going through the PWP’s with Isabelle, that I’ve had the Police Station unlocked for a year.

….but I can’t decide where to put it. It’s permanent and that scares me because there isn’t any one single spot in town that screams for it’s placement (like the Cafe and the Campsite placements. I love them!). I don’t want to regret it in two or three days once I put it down. :\

- this post has been brought to you by Redd planting his tent down on all my spare bushes. again. @__@;;

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please don’t make me go all the way back town to save. i’d much rather search the house for my charger in a terrible rush because i am that in-game lazy